Visual Archive

Introductory talk given by Prof. Patricia Pisters, A Badge of Honour: The Dream of the Mind that Has to Be Fabricated 

Ksenia Pespalova introducing a Supernatural, a film from Jorge Jácome, 2022

Walking the Audio Walk - What comforts you at night? - prepared in collaboration with EXTRA EXTRA magazine

A glimpse of a creative workshop program 

Conceptual boat tour with artist Rocco Enzo Ter Haar 

Storytelling and making prostate with clay 

Lobster with a Louis Vuitton bag - LoLo - conceptual boat tour with artist Eric Peter and Bogna Bochinska

SaWOWa - the mermaid and LoLo's subaquating BFF - storytelling and poetry with the waves of the canal

The concept - Jellyfish - no brains no words, just vibes. Created by artist Bethany Crawford, delivered by Jamil Fiorino Habib and Alex Muller


Jazz Rave - The Conceptual club night with Steppin' Into Tommorow