Reflections Archive

A Reflection on Gilles Deleuze's "The Event"
by Sara Bunrello

Brunello_Fuck Healing_Reflection.docx
Beyond the Present - S. Bick.pdf

by S. Bick

reflection paper event sara gelao.pdf

Fuck Healing (?) // Living the Wound Life: A Reflection
by Sara Gelao

Fuck Healing (?) event reflection
by Diede Al

Fuck Healing Reflection Diede Al.pdf

Reflection paper
by Jasmin Leech

NICA 1ec.docx
fuck healing reflection letters.docx

by Ting Xu

A Thousand Broken Pieces
by Seryal Hazal Mengüş 

A Thousand Broken Pieces.docx
A Thousand Broken Pieces.mp4