“It is, rather, the end, the end of all possibility, that teaches us that we have made it, that we have just made the image.” - Gilles Deleuze

The Insomniac Dreamers 

2023 Summer Program of theory, creation and pleasure
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Who are we?

The  “Fuck Healing (?)” collective works at the intersection of theoretical investigation and creative practice around the thematic of trauma, wounding and breaks. The collective critically interrogates ideas of “healing” as proximate to hegemonic regimes of conformity and normative perceptions of health. Through collaborative organisation, the “Fuck Healing (?)” collective questions the merits of our wounds, the divergent momentum they present, and recognise the future modes of “becomings” that “breaking” may allow us. By bringing together diverse institutions, artists and thinkers, the collective strengthens the network between academic and artistic communities of The Netherlands, whilst contributing to urgent contemporary discussions on alternative therapies and the reintegrative power of creative making in response to woundings and traumas.